This year’s New Ulm Art Festival will be held Saturday, April 7, 2018 in New Ulm, TX and this year the High School Art Competition will award thousands of dollars in monetary prizes. Each participating school will have a student winner of “Best of School” award.

The schools are:

  • Bellville High School – Bellville
  • Brazos High School – Wallis
  • Columbus High School – Columbus
  • Fayetteville High School – Fayetteville
  • Five Oaks Achievement Center – New Ulm
  • Round Top/Carmine High School – Carmine
  • Sealy High School – Sealy

NOTE: The New Ulm Art Festival Rules have been based on TAED VASE Rules


  1. Entries are limited to 20 per school. Each high school student may enter only one work of art.
  2. Students must be enrolled in high school or equivalent and age 19 or under.
  3. All artworks are required to be original in composition and content and all art work must have been completed between April 25, 2015 and April 23, 2016.
  4. Two-dimensional entries that are heavy or fragile must have an attached hanger.
  5. Three-dimensional entries must be sturdy and able to stand alone without other means of support.
  6. Textiles, canvas paintings, and shaped canvases do not require mats, but must have an attached hanger. All other 2D artworks must be matted or mounted with sturdy white or black mat board or poster board with full supportive attached backing.
  7. Two-dimensional pieces including mat or mount must be no larger than 24” X 36,” and three-dimensional pieces must be no larger than 24” X 24” X 36” in total dimensions including the base.
  8. Artwork (2D or 3D) cannot exceed a weight of 50 lbs.
  9. Student name, title, media, size, school, and student phone number must be attached to the back of each piece of art. Student registration and release forms must be submitted. All forms will be provided.
  10. Incomplete or illegible entry forms will disqualify the artwork from entry and hanging.
  11. Students who wish to sell their entry must indicate on the form attached to the art and include the price.
  12. This is a family event and images should be suitable for the general public. The New Ulm Art Festival Association reserves the right to remove objectionable images.

  • Each school will be provided with one free booth space to display and sell students’ artwork.
  • A binder containing all forms and additional information will be delivered by New Ulm Art Festival volunteers to each art teacher at their school.


Pat London

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